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Newsletter management

If you just can’t get the hang of email automation, making great-looking emails, or proofreading and editing emails then let us help.
We take great care in creating and managing your email automations to make sure your followers are up to date with you. We work with you on proofreading your eye-catching and sales converting emails, as well as creating free goodies for your audience.

newsletter copywriting

Stop wasting hours trying to create the perfect newsletter copy! As your VA, we will take care of all your needs when it comes to newsletter copywriting, which includes editing and rewriting your current copy. We work with you to understand your business style and voice and ensure all communications and outputs match your business and are high-quality.

Subscription list management

If you just can’t get the hang of subscriptions lists, making great-looking emails, or writing emails that convert to sales, then let us help! We take great care in managing and regularly updating your growing subscription list to make sure your followers are up to date with you. We work with you on creating eye-catching and sales converting emails, as well as scheduling them on MailChimp and tracking their metrics.

email automation

Part of our VA services includes creating automation emails to potential and current subscribers. You could create automated welcome emails or automated emails to your current tribe. We know how difficult it can get when it comes to automation. Let us take some stress off of you with our email automation services.

Newsletter Packages

jazz it up communications
jazz it up communications

Frequently asked questions

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Our clients say

"They know what they are good at and they're confident in their craft. But most importantly, they're very professional. They make you very comfortable with the way they communicate with."
Angelica V.
Writer at deZined-ACCV
JIUC wrote business letters for me and even completed a WordPress site that's serving as my online portfolio. They were friendly, professional, and prompt in answering my questions. They made my business letters shine. I've had a number of responses since they did these documents for me. They delivered high-quality work, but also responded to my specifications, taking the time to revise through several drafts in order to accommodate my feedback. They staff even streamlined the questionnaire process for me, so as to take the information they needed without wasting my time. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who needs business letters, a WordPress site or an online portfolio.
Philip P.
Copywriter, PhilPerry Writes
"Ms. Burroughs met all of my requirements when she helped design and develop a school website. Her writing skills are excellent in the technical area. I recommend her most highly."
Technical Writer
"Their writing and editorial skills are strong; their ability to encourage others with these skills is also second-to-none…because their compassion and guidance are evident when they work with others on projects. When combined with their excellent writing skills, I believe they are a force to reckon with."
Marissa D.